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What is Community Bank Mortgage?

Community Bank Mortgage, a department of BANK, offers aggregation services to other banks in the region. We do all of the underwriting, ordering of appraisals and title work, making sure all aspects of the loans are in compliance, and supplying the closing packet while your lenders remain the face your customers see.

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Become a member of Community Bank Mortgage and we will help you:

Gain market share in your desired communities

Our model at Community Bank Mortgage has been effective in helping to differentiate banks traditional and/or non-traditional marketing strategies. Watch this short case study on BANK's success in growing their market share.

Understand & explore your marketing options

We'll define your market, customers/demographic, message while we help you determine the appropriate channels to convey your message all to help grow your market share. Contact us to receive our digital marketing presentation.

Increase your market share

How do I know if Community Bank Mortgage is right for our bank?

The checklist below will help you decide whether or not you are ready to aggregate your mortgage business:

  • Do your lenders struggle to keep up with changing and increased compliance regulations?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining your mortgage origination staff?
  • Have your servicing and escrow compliance needs increased?
  • Is your mortgage volume too low to maintain?
  • Would you like to have someone else do the "behind-the-scenes" work while still maintaining your mortgage origination fee income?
  • Would you like to have an online application available for your customers?

Community Bank Mortgage is exactly what our bank needs! Where do I learn more?

If you are ready to consider partnering with us and (or) learn more Community Bank Mortgage, please contact us or email Chris Grimm at Chris.Grimm@bank.bank . We look forward to working with you!

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